Targeted Recruiting

The Cog Group is dedicated to serving the manufacturing industry. Our clients partner with us to identify and recruit top talent. We utilize state of the art systems, processes and tools in our daily efforts to satisfy our clients staffing needs. The art of recruiting goes beyond the resume and we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to understand their needs beyond the paper – and focus on the person.

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The Cog Group Mission

  • To get a complete understanding of the needs of our clients
  • To become a true business partner with our clients, not just a vendor
  • To reach out, contact, and develop relationships with the manufacturing industry’s best and brightest
  • To introduce the best possible candidates to our clients, not just the best available
  • Apply the values of Six Sigma to the recruiting process

Every step in our process is measured, managed, and adds value. This Six Sigma inspired approach to recruiting allows us to better control the rate of success for our clients. We believe that a Recruiters job is to gain a complete understanding of our clients needs, and in using our proprietary process, deliver the best possible results. With the combination of our experienced Recruiters, strong support staff, extensive industry tools, and our candidate network used in conjunction with our Six Sigma inspired process, The Cog Group is uniquely positioned to provide our clients extraordinary results with their talent acquisition efforts.

Our clients and candidate choose to work with The Cog Group because we combine a full understanding of the needs of our clients and candidate with a strong results orientated philosophy that they appreciate.


About Us

The Cog Group was established in 2008. We originally focused on Accounting and Finance recruiting. As we developed client relationships, our focus began to expand. The Cog Group now has several divisions within the company. We have an Accounting and Finance, Sales/Engineering and Operations recruiting teams, each headed by a Senior Recruiter with extensive experience in their target market. While primarily focused within the manufacturing industry, we have begun to work with other industries as our clients’ needs have changed.

We distinguish ourselves from other recruiting firms by focusing on two principles, Timing and Feedback. We give fast and honest feedback, which assists us in recruiting the candidate that best fits the position. Direct and open feedback from our clients guarantees that we are able to provide the candidate that not only fits the required skill set, but who also has that particular “X factor” than our client is looking for. We believe that a partnership based on an open line of communication, with both our clients and our candidates, is the key to successfully filling a position.

Contact Us

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