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The Cog Group - Targeted Recruiting


The Cog Group Targeted Recruiting

The Cog Group is dedicated to serving the manufacturing industry. Our clients partner with us to identify and recruit top talent. We utilize state of the art systems, processes and tools in our daily efforts to satisfy our clients staffing needs. The art of recruiting goes beyond the resume and we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to understand their needs beyond the paper - and focus on the person.

The Cog Group Mission:

  • To get a complete understanding of the needs of our clients.  To become a true business partner with our clients, not just a vendor.
  • To reach out, contact, and develop relationships with the manufacturing industries brightest and best
  • To introduce the best possible candidates to our clients, not just the best available
  • Apply the values of Six Sigma to the recruiting process.

Every step in our process is measured, managed, and adds value.  This Six Sigma inspired approach to recruiting allows us to better control the rate of success for our clients.  We believe that a Recruiters job is to gain a complete understanding of our clients needs, and in using our proprietary process, deliver the best possible results.  With the combination of our experienced Recruiters, strong support staff, extensive industry tools, and our candidate network used in conjunction with our Six Sigma inspired process, The Cog Group is uniquely positioned to provide our clients extraordinary results with their talent acquisition efforts.

Our clients and candidate choose to work with The Cog Group because we combine a full understanding of the needs of our clients and candidate with a strong results orientated philosophy that they appreciate.

About The Cog Group

After more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and recruiting industries, partners Ken Milne and Jason Guthrie formed The Cog Group in 2008. Our vision was to build a recruiting firm that would use the manufacturing industry as a model. Therefore, we have built a process based on principles of the Six Sigma, in order to attain repeatable, reliable results. We need to be in position to react quickly to our clients needs, with our patent pending process, we are confident that we will be able to earn your trust as a talent source.

Resume Advice

We have seen/read thousands of resumes - here are a couple of quick tips to make sure your resume is in top shape:

  1. Details on the company - revenue, # of employees, product description, etc.
  2. Accomplishments. Quote facts and figures to quantify your accomplishments.